About Us

The CoreFirst Experience

CoreFirst™ is a human performance and lifestyle company – The operative words being PERFORMANCE and LIFESTYLE.

Through three separate yet interactive divisions we provide training and coaching to help you develop high performance rituals for a high performance Life – no matter what your pursuit of happiness may bring.


From the busy executive to the stay at home mom or dad, we all have the goal of being the best we can at whatever we value most in Life.

Here at CoreFirst™ we are driven by our passion for helping you establish what those values are and providing you with the knowledge and tools to fulfill them.


Many weight management programs, medical professionals, and personal fitness trainers neglect one or more realms of human functionality — thus, leaving the client with unfulfilled expectations and a longing for better results. Through our three Core Divisions (MENTAL CONDITIONING, MOVEMENT PERFORMANCE, and PERFORMANCE NUTRITION) we provide clients a comprehensive offering for overall wellness and peak performance in every aspect of Life.

In short, we will help you to train your mind through positive affirmations and visualization techniques improving your confidence.  We will train your body to access power through core strength and proper movement skills. And finally, we will support your efforts and commitment to eating healthy and “clean”.

  • Philosophy
    • Overall Fitness must be achieved prior to any focus on sport specific training.
  • Approach
    • Achieve competency in the “CoreFirst TM” 6 to increase preparedness for any and all activities of human movement.
      • Stamina
      • Strength
      • Coordination
      • Agility
      • Power
      • Speed
  • Application
    • To coach and teach Quality First.